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Welcome to Breakthrough!

Breakthrough is a progression raiding guild on the Horde side of the Gilneas server. We are dedicated to making raiding fun and productive. We believe that each person must do their part in the raid for it to be successful.
Check the forums for recruitment to join.

Current News
        The 10 man Lich King video has been posted. We plan on getting a much better quality one for the 25 man kill.

        Lich King has been slain,  great job to all that were there video will be up soon.

        Fist day of raid since we started back up. Spots and DKP are tracked in the Roster tab.

        The site is back up and running again. A lot of construction is going on between the site and the guild and we are looking for mergers and members. Fights have been added for normal 10 and 25 man ICC. Big thanks to the guys at for providing such great guides to the public!
BT's Paper Cup
BT's Paper Cup.

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